Miffy Museum Funding

Nestled away in the heart of Utrecht is the Miffy Museum. Since its opening in 2016, it is regularly filled with families delighting at the world of the sweet little bunny.

In an exciting announcement, Mercis BV, the company which has managed Dick Bruna’s copyrights worldwide and maintained the integrity of his philosophy, is donating £1million to the Centraal Museum for the restructuring of the Miffy Museum. This figure will be matched by the BankGrio Lottery, bringing the total to £2million.

The money will allow the museum to expand by 500 square metres, creating more exhibition space as well as guest facilities such as a cloakroom and buggy space.

There will also be a Miffy Theatre space and a restaurant for hungry guests. Yum!

Just like Bruna’s books, the museum aims to create a space which allows children to discover their own unique view of the world.

“The Miffy museum is very successful, it is often filled to capacity,” said md Marco Grob. “That’s why we are so pleased that Mercis BV and the BankGiro Loterij have chosen to support us once again, so that we can expand the museum.


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