Games to play in the car

Long car journeys can get a little boring, even if you are on your way to an amazing holiday. Miffy has some ideas on how to keep everyone entertained in the car!

Firstly, Miffy thinks that you should always take her with you when you go on holiday. The Classic Miffy Plush is a great place to start, whether she is a snuggle buddy or lead adventurer, Miffy will always do a great job.

Paints and pens can be a little messy in the car, so Miffy loves to take a sticker book with her whenever she has a long journey ahead of her. ‘miffy’s play date’ comes with over 30 stickers to decorate the classic illustrations and will keep little ones entertained for hours.

The Wooden Miffy Puzzle shows you all the different animals which Miffy saw at the zoo, and is an easy toy to keep in the car for little ones. When they have got all the pieces in the right place, why not play a game of eye spy and count up all the wild animals you can see outside of the zoo? If you’re lucky you might even see a little bunny…

Adventures can be tiring, and for anyone that struggles to keep their eyes open on the journey home, a Miffy cushion will keep passengers cosy and comfy, all the way home.


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