Back to School with Miffy

Miffy loves learning new things in school so after a long summer holiday, full of sunshine and adventures, she’s ready to get back to class and see all of her friends. She’s even got some lovely new stationery and books, perfect for smaller ones on their very first day of primary school or older children who are moving up into big school.

If your little one is a little nervous about going to school, miffy at school is the perfect introduction to what they can expect on their first day. Join Miffy as she learns to draw, write, tread and sing, in this sweet book perfectly sized for small hands.

Get your copy of miffy at school, £5, HERE.

The Super Stationery Set has everything you need for an organised first day back, whether it’s your very first day or you’re back for a brand new year. The set includes a notebook, pen, pencil, gel pen, rubber, sharpener, paperclips and even a ziplock sleeve to keep all your important bits safe.

Get started with the Super Stationery set, only £10, HERE.

If you’re wondering what to keep all of your pens and pencils in, look no further. The stylish Miffy pencil case is a perfect match for the super stationery set, with bold black and white stripes and  Miffy sporting a bright yellow top.

Get storing with the Miffy Pencil Case, only £9, HERE.

Miffy Sticky Notes are perfect for helping you remember those important details, like taking a packed lunch to school or your homework. You could even write a friend a sweet note to say, “have a good day”.

With 100 sticky notes in the pack, there’s one for every little thing to remember.

Get scribbling on the Miffy Sticky Notes, only £5, HERE.

Lunch time is one of Miffy’s favourite parts of the day, especially when Mother Bun makes her a yummy packed lunch. With this cute set of three lunch boxes in matching designs, there’s space for sandwiches, a snack and maybe even a healthy treat!

Tuck into the Miffy Storage Tubs, only £10, HERE.

Stay hydrated with this cute Miffy Bottle, with a bright yellow toggle for little hands to hold on to. The pattern shows Miffy and her school friends in black, white and yellow to match the rest of the range.

Drink up with the Miffy Water Bottle, only £10, HERE.


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