How to grow roses

Roses are one of Miffy’s favourite flowers and growing them is much easier than you think. There’s no time like now to plant your roses, as they’re best sown throughout autumn and into early spring. Do you want to come and help Miffy plant some in her new flower patch?

What you will need to grow roses:

  • A rose shrub
  • A watering can
  • A spade
  • A sunny yet sheltered patch of soil
  • Fertilizer (optional but recommended)

Step 1

First things first, while you’re preparing the ground place your rose shrub in a bucket of water for 30 minutes to make sure the roots are nice and hydrated.

Step 2

Now you’ll need to dig a medium sized hole in the ground, removing any stones or weeds. Roses like somewhere that’s sunny but that has some shelter from the wind to give them the very best chance. Break up the soil at the bottom of the hole to make it easier for the roots to move through. Then pop some fertilizer in the soil – this is like plant food and will help them grow big and strong!

Step 3

Gently place your rose shrug in the middle of the hole, making sure there’s enough space for it to grow into. Now fill in the hole using the soil you dug up. Lightly press this soil down with your foot, making sure the shrub is nice and supported.

Step 4

Now you just need to take care of your rose and you’ll have some beautiful roses in now time! They’re quite thirsty flowers, so give it a big drink of water after planting it and make sure it always has moist soil. In rainy autumn and winter you might no need to water it, but in summer time you may need to give it a helping hand.

Miffy loves gardening and keeping her garden looking pretty. Read all about Miffy’s gardening adventures in miffy’s garden.

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