Miffy’s Christmas day

Miffy loves Christmas! From decorating the Christmas tree with twinkly lights to baking the Christmas pudding and spending time with her family, it’s her favourite time of year!

On Christmas morning, Miffy wakes up and opens all her presents in her stocking. Aunt Alice knitted the stocking for Miffy, in her favourite colours and it even has her name on it.Once everyone is awake, Miffy and her family sit round the Christmas tree and open their presents. Miffy wrapped up all her presents for her family in different colours – can you guess what she got Mother and Father Bun?

After the presents have been opened, it’s time for Miffy to go play while she waits for her Christmas dinner. Last night it snowed so Miffy is very excited to play outside! She spends most of the morning riding her sledge, skating on the frozen river and even makes a snowman.

While playing in the snow, a delicious smell wafts outside from the house. It’s time for Christmas dinner! Miffy rushes into the house and sits at the table with the rest of her family, ready to eat.

After the most lovely Christmas dinner, Miffy enjoys spending time with her family and friends. They play some games, read Miffy’s new book together and sing some Christmas songs. Soon she is tired and snuggles up into bed, wishing the day could happen all over again. Night night Miffy!


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