Miffy’s Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time for Miffy to make a New Year’s resolution or two! Would you like to help with her resolutions?

Eat five carrots a day

Miffy would like to eat more carrots, because she thinks they’re extra delicious and nutritious! She loves to have one for breakfast and one as a snack when she gets home from school. Carrots contain vitamins which help Miffy stay healthy and some people say they even help you see in the dark!

Mother Bunny has suggested Miffy makes a yummy carrot juice drink which she can sip at through-out the day. She’ll be hitting her target in no time!

Read more books

Miffy has decided she wants to read lots of books in 2020! She likes seeing the colourful pictures and hearing stories about fun adventures; sometimes she even learns about new words and places from her books.

Her first choice is Miffy and the Fairy as she loves to read books all about magic, have you read it? Reading books can help you do better in school and means you can teach your family things they may not already know – Miffy hopes to be the cleverest bunny around!

Volunteer at the art gallery

Everyone knows Miffy loves to visit the local art gallery and is a regular visitor. She likes to spend the afternoon looking at all the pretty paintings and sculptures, so has decided to start volunteering at the gallery. She hopes to learn more about the exhibitions so she can teach other young children about artwork, old and new.

Do you want to learn more about artwork? You can purchase the Miffy x Rembrandt book for only £9.99, HERE.

Help Mother Bunny at home

Miffy thinks Mother Bun is the kindest mother anyone could ask for and wants to show her how much she loves her. Her final new year resolution is to help her mother tidy up around the house more, so that they have more time to spend time together doing fun activities.

Doing chores can be fun! Why not start with your bedroom? Try putting your favourite song on and seeing how much cleaning you can do before it ends!


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