Growing Peas

With lots of time spent in the garden recently, Miffy has planted all sorts of wonderful flowers and vegetables! Today, after home-schooling, Miffy is going to plant peas, one of her favourite green veggies.

  1. Peas need an open, sunny position – they prefer cooler weather so now is the perfect time to sow your seeds.
  2. Make a trench 5cm deep and 15cm wide to home your seeds. Sow them evenly around 7.5cm apart – be careful not to get them too close to each other because they need room to grow! Cover them back over with soil. Perfect!
  3. When flowering begins, make sure you water your peas well. Some may grow extra tall and they will need support – you can add a trellis for them to climb up, or some sticks to help them out.
  4. Make sure the soil is moist enough to ensure your pea pods swell – this will make your peas nice and big and round, perfect for dinnertime!
  5. Your peas will be ready to pick 11 to 13 weeks after sowing. Yum!


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