Miffy Button Art

Keep little ones busy with our Miffy button art tutorial – perfect for rainy days or to schedule into a home-schooling art class. NB. children must always be supervised due to small buttons. Not suitable for under three.

Gather a selection of white/cream and black buttons in all different shapes and sizes. Print out your favourite illustration of Miffy to use as a base – we’ve used Miffy’s face to keep things simple, but you could make something more colourful!

Cover the piece of paper with glue and begin sticking your white buttons down. Cover the whole of Miffy’s face until her defining features are left.

Use your black buttons to go around the outline of your Miffy button art, to make the edges more striking. Once you are done and the buttons have stuck, you could put your Miffy art in a picture frame to brighten up a room!

If you’re thinking ahead to Father’s Day, why not print out this sweet image of Miffy and her father and make Miffy button art for your dad?


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