Reading tips

Reading is one of Miffy’s favourite things to do! She reads in the car, just before bed and sometimes just when she has a quiet minute! Here are some of her top tips for making reading enjoyable for little ones.

  1. Create a calm space for reading; get a comfy seat like a beanbag and remove distractions such as switching off the television and finding a room that is quiet away from other family members.

2. Help to inspire your child to develop a love for books before they learn to read. Maybe they see you reading your favourite book regularly or have books around the house for them to pick up.

3. Recognising a character will drive awareness and an interest in reading! You can introduce them to Miffy using our collection of storybooks which can be found here:

4. Start with books that have pictures that tell a story so the child can understand the storyline before they start to read the words.

5. If a child makes a good guess at a sentence, for example if they read ‘Miffy felt so happy’ instead of ‘Miffy felt so glad’ (in Miffy’s Birthday book), it may be wrong but it is a great guess as your child is thinking about the meaning of the sentence.

Photo by Instagram user jen_and_her_tribe_of_7

6. Grow an exciting book collection! Your child may be bringing home books from school but take them to the local library or bookstore to pick out something they are interested in. If your library is closed or you cannot go to the shops, then take a look online as independent bookstores often have an online bookstore you can browse.

7. Make reading fun! You could dress up as your favourite character from your book (get a Miffy costume here) or act out the stories using memorable actions and silly voices to capture your child’s imagination.

Photo by Instagram user miffy_looove

8. As with most new skills, it may take a long time for your child to become a confident reader but if you help them to learn through engaging practice then they will improve over time!

Grow your collection of books with Miffy:


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