Miffy Design Challenge

Miffy Design Challenge

Design students all over the world were challenged to create a new outfit or material for Miffy, to mark her 65th anniversary this year.

Fashion students who entered came from five countries across three continents. They were required to work from a brief which saw them designing a contemporary and sustainable Miffy doll, taking their inspiration from the work of Dick Bruna.

Each student brought their creative flair and imagination to create a brand new Miffy! The ten winners of the competition have now been announced – we’ve put a sneak peek to two below.

From the entrants, Miffy Evolution Gold caught the eye of the judges with shimmery gold and silver materials; the artist behind the design focused on the versatility of Dick Bruna’s original design and created a greater appreciation of the iconic Miffy through a journey of evolution.

The artist who created Spacesuit Miffy wanted us to imagine Miffy in space, triggering the audience to become conscious about protecting Mother Earth to avoid necessary exploration of our solar system for survival. 

86 of the designs were recently exhibited at the Centraal Museum in the Utrecht Lokaal (Expo 10) area.

The 10 winning designs will be available to buy as soft toys from the Miffy Shop on the 16th October.

Click here to view – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/miffy-a-fashion-students-perspective


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