Miffy’s Christmas Day

Miffy loves Christmas because it’s time to spend time with family, eat lots of food and open some presents! The whole family spend Christmas together as a tradition, but what else do they get up to on the big day? Read on to find out!

The fun starts the night before Christmas Day; on Christmas Eve Mother and Father Bun will help Miffy put out some carrots for Santa’s reindeer – Miffy loves to snack on them too! Then she pops a glass of milk by the fireplace for Santa when he comes down the chimney to deliver gifts for all the family.

Mother Bun likes to make sure Miffy goes to sleep early on Christmas Eve as she usually wakes everyone up in the morning!

Miffy wakes up as the sun rises over her home at about 8am and hops straight into her parents’ room so they can go downstairs together. When they get down the stairs, Miffy loves to marvel at the sparkling decorations and the stuffed stockings which hang on the fireplace – Santa has visited their home!

Her family always open their stockings in the morning then wait until her grandparents arrive after lunch to open the gifts under the tree. Miffy is excited to open the parcels in her stocking as she always gets a carrot for breakfast and a little dog treat to give to Snuffy!

Then, Mother Bun cooks a special breakfast for the family, pancakes with fruit, her favourite! They sit and eat their breakfast at the table while sharing memories of Christmases from the past. Miffy’s favourite story is when her and Father Bun went out skiing together on Christmas Day then came back to eat a delicious lunch made by Grandma Bunny!

After breakfast has been cleared, Miffy’s grandparents arrive bearing even more gifts! Miffy usually settles down to play with her toys while the adults are busy in the kitchen cooking a delicious lunch. Afterwards, Grandfather Bun shows Miffy how to bake some mince pies for dessert – his favourite!

Finally, when lunch is ready, the whole family sit at the table to enjoy the feast! There is every dish you can imagine, but Miffy loves the carrots the most!

After lunch, it’s Miffy’s favourite part of the day, opening the presents from under the tree! Her family sits and watches as she opens a brand new book for her and Mother Bun to read as a bedtime story. Then Father Bun hands her a special present, what could it be? Miffy unwraps the gift to find a lovely new dress.

When all the presents have been unwrapped, Miffy does a performance dancing around in her new dress. “Bravo!” her family always chorus when she has finished dancing.

After all that fun and excitement, Miffy is tired and always falls asleep on the sofa. Mother Bun carries her up to her bedroom and tucks her and Snuffy into bed ready for another day tomorrow.


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