Things to Do in Lockdown

Miffy loves spending time at home with her family, Mother Bun is so crafty and never runs out of fun activities for her and Miffy to do! Miffy has made a list of her favourite activities so you can join in at home!

Write your own Miffy story

Miffy loves to use her imagination to think of new stories for her and Mother Bun to read, she even has a little book where she writes her favourite tales!

To write your own story, Miffy recommends you read your favourite story at bedtime with an adult. Nest morning, so you have the story fresh in your mind, write your own story, it could be about what you did yesterday or your favourite memory. Miffy would love it if you include her in your story too!

Things to think about when you are writing your story:

What was the weather like outside?

What did you have for breakfast that day?

How did you feel? Were you happy, sad or another emotion?

What did you wear?

What did you say to Miffy?

Not only will this make an excellent story to read out to your family, it will also help you think about exciting things that may have happened in the past while life is a bit quieter!

Make an origami Miffy bookmark

Now you have written your Miffy story, its time to make a bookmark. You don’t want to loose your place in the book while you’re reading it!

Follow the instructions to make your own origami Miffy bookmark:

  1. Get a square piece of paper with colour on one side and fold it in half. We recommend using a 15cm x 15cm piece in one of Miffy’s favourite colour.
  2. Unfold the fold, turn the paper and make a fold going the other way.
  3. Fold the paper in half then unfold it then repeat this on the other edge. Then, place the paper coloured side up and pinch the corners in.
  4. Now you will have a coloured diamond shape! Fold down the top section so you now have a white diamond. Turn the right corner of the diamond over like the page of a book.
  5. Take the left-hand corner and fold it into the middle. Then turn back to the centre and fold over the left flap. Are you keeping up?
  6. Repeat this step on the opposite side.
  7. Now it’s time to make Miffy’s ears! Carefully take the top corner of the white part and pull it down a little bit to make a pointy bunny ear.
  8. Repeat this step for the other ear and fold down the points to make them round.
  9. Fold the bottom of the diamond to round of Miffy’s chin and voila!
  10. Time to draw on Miffy’s face with a black pen – you know what she looks like!

That’s it! Now you have your own bookmark so you can keep your place in all your favourite books. To view the full instructions with pictures click here –

Make a Miffy sock puppet

What you will need:

A white sock
1 x white thread
1 x thick black thread
2 x black beads (optional)


  1. Cut down the centre of the sock from the toe edge to the heel. Carefully sew each side of where you have cut to make two bunny ears.
  2. Turn the sock inside out so the sewing thread is on the inside. Sew across the ends of the ears so Miffy’s head and ears are separate.
  3. Stuff Miffy’s head with your choice of stuffing – she is starting to take shape!
  4. Now, fold up the bottom and sew it shut so the stuffing is secure and won’t fall out. Push the stuffing around so it looks even.
  5. Sew around the sock where you would like Miffy’s face to be then pull it tight to make her a little round face. Tie thread around it to secure it even more.
  6. Next, we need to make her sweet little bunny tail! Take hold of a small amount of stuffing through the material and grab it where the tail should be. Sew around the stuffing to secure the tail and pull it tight.
  7. Finally, she needs facial features! Grab some thick black thread and sew her some eyes, you could use small black beads to make them more defined if you wanted to.
  8. Make a small cross stitch for her mouth and she is done! If you are feeling like you want even more crafts, why not make Melanie in the same way too!

Image and craft instructions credit: Family Fun DIY Projects – YouTube


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