Learning the Alphabet

Miffy loves going to school because the teacher is always helping her to learn new skills. Recently Miffy has been learning the alphabet. The teacher uses lots of different ways to teach Miffy and her classmates about the alphabet – four of her most useful methods are listed below!

Reading books together

Miffy’s favourite way to learn the alphabet is by reading books. This is a great way to teach the alphabet to young children because the simple vocabulary and repetition in books aimed at their age will help the child to grasp the language. Children love reading the Miffy at School because they relate to the storyline from their own experiences at nursery or school.  

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Learning with alphabet puzzles

Playing games with children can help them to pick up the alphabet through play. Wooden alphabet puzzles and other manual games help to combine learning with fun to make teaching the alphabet even more enjoyable. They are also a great way for children to learn vocabulary and hand to eye coordination too!

Hanging educational posters

Another great way to teach a child the alphabet is to make it fun with exciting, education room décor! Get your child to help you pick out an alphabet poster to hang in their room. Once it’s up, the poster will encourage them to discover the alphabet on their own and will brighten up their living space in the process! This Miffy alphabet poster will help a child to learn their A, B, C’s by matching the letters up with animals to make learning a more memorable experience.

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Playing alphabet games

Making the alphabet relevant to your own child will make it easier for them to remember the phonetics when they come to recall them later. Try going through each letter of the alphabet and helping them to think of something that begins with that letter, it could be a place, animal or their favourite Miffy character! Then ask them to draw or write it down so you can come back to it together time and time again.


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