Things to do Outside

Miffy loves spending time at home with Mother and Father Bun, but she can’t wait to go out and enjoy the sunshine with her friends. There are so many places that she wants to visit now that COVID rules have relaxed… she can’t wait to go out and explore! Miffy has written a list of all the things that she is looking forward to doing – what are you looking forward to the most?

Socially distanced picnic

Miffy can’t wait to organise a picnic with her friends. Mother Bun is going to help her make some sweet picnic food for her to enjoy – socially distanced of course! Miffy has all sorts of products you can buy to make your picnic the best one yet. How about these glass toppers to make your drinks extra adorable… Or you could have a look at some of her favourite recipes here –

Purchase the Miffy Glass Toppers HERE.

Visit the zoo

Visiting the zoo is one of Miffy’s favourite activities because she loves to see the animals! While she has been spending time at home, she has been playing with her Miffy Wooden Zoo Blocks but she is looking forward to seeing the animals in real life – particularly the giraffes and zebras! 

Purchase the Miffy Wooden Zoo blocks here –

Visit a café

Cafes have reopened and Miffy can’t wait to pop down to sit outside for a slice of cake – make sure to wrap up warm because it could be chilly! Miffy loves Mother Bun’s cooking but she is looking forward to some delicious food from her favourite restaurant, where are you looking forward to visiting?

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