Birthday Cake Recipe

Miffy’s favourite part of a party is socialising with her friends and eating some delicious cake! Everyone knows that a Miffy cake is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Today, Miffy will be baking a cake to mark a friend’s first birthday – but you could change the decorations to make it for any age!

The recipe:

  • Make your fondant Miffy a little while before the big day, so the decorations have time to dry before going on top of the cake.
  • Use white fondant to roll out shapes for the head and ears, then used a combination of golden yellow and lemon yellow fondant for the dress before shaping them out. Use a cocktail stick to connect the head to the body. Pop a cocktail stick in the bottom so you will be able to attach Miffy to the cake. When Miffy has been assembled, use an edible marker to add the details to her face.
  • Make a #1 out of orange fondant and pop a cocktail stick in the bottom so it can easily be secured onto the cake. You could swap the #1 out for any number depending on the age. Then pop your fondant somewhere safe until the night before the occasion as it is time to make the cake.
  • You could use a basic cake recipe or make it a little more exciting with a rainbow cake! All you need to do is make a vanilla cake batter, separate it out into four bowls and add a different food colouring into each batter. Then bake each coloured batter in four different 10-inch cake pans.
  • After the cakes have baked and cooled, you can fill each layer with lemon whipped cream. Just add some lemon juice and lemon zest to freshly whipped cream.
  • To frost the cake, cover the top and sides with a coating of buttercream frosting, let it rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes, and then add a final coat and smooth it out with a spatula.
  • This step is optional, but you could pipe a beaded border along the bottom of the cake, using a disposable pastry bag fitted with a medium round tip to make it look extra fancy!
  • Finally, all you need to do is add the adorable fondant toppers to the cake. Use a bit of frosting on the bottom of the toppers to keep them in place.

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