World Sickle Cell Day

Miffy is pleased to support the UK’s Sickle Cell Society by driving awareness of sickle cell disorder and raising funds to support those who are affected by it. Sickle cell disorder is the most common hereditary blood disorder in the world – this means the condition is passed from one generation to another through the family’s genes.

Approximately 15,000 people in the UK have sickle cell disorder and about 270 babies are born with the condition in the UK each year. Children living with sickle cell disorder can have an increased risk of stroke and experience episodes of pain.

Miffy is supporting those who are living with the disorder and their loved ones by donating 10% of the profits from her new Miffy Sickle Cell soft toys to researching effective treatments and cures. By purchasing one of these toys from the Miffy Shop you are helping those impacted by sickle cell disorder in the UK.

Miffy hopes she can continue to make a difference through donations. You can purchase a Miffy Sickle Cell plush here –

You can find out more about sickle cell disorder by visiting the Sickle Cell Society’s website here – 


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