Play Along with Miffy

Introducing the brand new Miffy app – ‘Play Along with Miffy’! Featuring many games that teaches children letters and figures, this app is perfect for entertaining and educating your little ones. Not only are there several activities that allow children to develop skills surrounding numbers, shapes and letters, but there are also opportunities to let creativity grow with colouring, cooking and making music – Miffy’s favourite past-times! Each game is set in the wonderful world of Miffy, introducing the new generation to the classic illustrations by Dick Bruna.

Head to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to try out the first three games for free! You will then have the option to unlock all 15 games for just £4.50. Both the paid and free version of the game are ad-free, meaning kids can have fun with Miffy without being distracted by advertisements.

Some of the games include solving adorable puzzles, learning to recognise shapes and objects, and developing memory by playing pairs. Every game teaches skills that are important in becoming just as clever as Miffy. The app is also perfect for children who get easily distracted, as its playful nature makes the game even more engaging and interactive. Miffy loves to solve puzzles and make music – which fun activity are you excited to play?

Download the app today – Miffy can’t wait to have fun and learn alongside your youngsters!

Download it here:


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