Games to Play on Christmas Day

Miffy spends all year looking forward to Christmas Day, and when it finally comes around, she loves to spend it with her friends and family. Here’s a guide to Miffy’s favourite games that always leave her and her family giggling.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is best played with lots of players, which is why Miffy loves to play it when the whole family gathers on Christmas Day! Take turns to be the seeker, while the rest of the family races to find the best hiding spot – behind the Christmas tree is Miffy’s secret place! Once the seeker finds a player, they can join in seeking until the last person is found. Make sure to give the winner the last slice of yule log as a prize!

Miffy Chase

This game is guaranteed to keep Miffy and her friends entertained during the long wait for Christmas dinner. Start by choosing a seeker who tries to find the other players just as above. However, when a hiding player sees the seeker approaching their hiding spot, they have to race away to avoid being caught! If they are tapped on the shoulder, they join the seekers team and try to find the players who are still hiding. The last player on the hiding team is the winner. While this is Miffy’s favorite game, Mother and Father bunny aren’t usually as pleased with Miffy and her friends racing around the living room!

Miffy on an Adventure

This game is perfect for having an adventure even when the Christmas snow keeps Miffy and her family inside. All of the players should start in the same area of the house, and race to reach the designated finish line on the other side of the house. There’s one catch – if a player touches the floor they’re disqualified! Miffy and her friends have to come up with clever solutions to avoid walking on the floor. Miffy likes to hop onto furniture to keep off the floor, while Melanie prefers using cushions and discarded wrapping paper as stepping stones. The first bunny to the finish line wins!


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