Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Miffy loves New Year’s Eve. It’s the perfect opportunity to have a fun party with her friends and family and look forward to the year that’s to come! Find out how to celebrate New Year’s Eve just like Miffy below.

Have a Miffy themed party!

Miffy loves inviting Melanie and all her friends to a big celebration on New Year’s Eve so they can play some fun games. Decorations are vital for any celebration – Miffy decorations are perfect to mark the occasion and enjoy the holiday with your family and loved ones.

Purchase some Miffy Glass Toppers here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/collections/birthday-party-supplies/products/miffy-glass-topper-party-decoration-pack-of-10

Set some resolutions

On the last evening of the year, Miffy and her family write down their resolutions on a piece of paper and place them in a box to open the next year. Then they read their resolutions from the previous year and appreciate everything they’ve learnt since then! This tradition allows Miffy to set goals and be grateful for how much she’s grown in a year.

Bake some delicious treats

In preparation for New Year’s Eve, Miffy and Father Bunny spend some time baking delicious treats. No party is complete without tasty goodies, and these Miffy cupcake cases are the perfect addition to make your celebration just as sweet as Miffy’s! Melanie and the other guests are always amazed at how delicious Father Bunnies cupcakes are.

Purchase the Miffy Cupcake Cases here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/products/miffy-cupcake-cases-pack-of-100

Play a game of charades

There’s no better way to make the most of all Miffy’s friends and family being together than playing charades! Write down words that the players can act out and place them into a hat. Then, split into two teams and choose a player each round to act out the words without talking. The team that guesses fastest wins the round! Miffy likes the friendly competition involved in this game.


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