Back to School 

The summer holidays are almost coming to an end and Miffy can’t wait to go back to school, but she needs to be prepared. She has thought of lots of ideas to help herself get ready and hopefully they will help you too!  

Here is a list of back to school items perfect for getting you excited for going back to school. 

Miffy Mondrian Key Hanger

Stay as organised as Miffy with this adorable key chain. It’s perfect for anyone who often loses track of their keys or just to hang on your school bag for an extra touch. This keychain is handmade from 100% crocheted cotton and is 11cm tall – the perfect size for keeping your valuables safe! 

Purchase it here – 

Miffy Cookie Cutter

Make the most adorable sweet treats for your new classmates with this Miffy cookie cutter. You could even use it to cut out slices of bread and make Miffy-themed sandwiches.  

Purchase it here – 

Tote Bag

This will be perfect for carrying all of your books and stationery whilst also giving you a trendy look! The bag is made from 100% cotton and has long handles so it will be easy to carry around. The minimalistic Miffy design will make it instantly recognisable – it’s a classic!  

Purchase it here – 

Personalised Pencil Case 

This a perfect and adorable back to school product as it will hold all of your pens, pencils and highlighters; you can personalise it with your name so all of your classmates will know it’s yours – the perfect product for a creative Miffy collector! 

Purchase it here – 

Coffee Cup

This product is fully vegan and compostable meaning you can be cute and eco-friendly at the same time! It is perfect for those mornings when you’re extra tired and need a little boost of energy for the rest of the day. 

Purchase it here – 


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