Ways To Make Friends

Miffy loves to make new friends, but she knows that it can be hard to find people who share the same interests. Miffy thinks it’s important that you have things in common with your friends because it means you never run out of things to talk about. For example, Miffy and Melanie both love gardening, so every week they meet up to chat and plant flowers together!

To help you find your very own Melanie, Miffy has put together a useful guide of ways to make new friends. Just remember to smile and be yourself and you’ll form bonds in no time!

Join a club

What do you like doing in your spare time? Painting? Running? Singing? There’s a club for everything!

Look for local clubs that relate to your hobbies and find out where and when they meet. Miffy says that although the first time you go may seem scary, everyone is feeling the same way, so talk to each other! You already know you share an interest, so that’s a great place to start.

Start the conversation

Sometimes people are nervous and shy about talking to others but brighten up when you ask them about something they love!

Miffy says that an easy way to start a friendship is to ask someone about themselves, for example, what they like doing after school, what their favourite book is or what pets they have – anything! You may have things in common that you never would have known about if you hadn’t started the conversation.


There are plenty of ways to volunteer! You could sign up to help at a charity shop, go on a litter pick, do some gardening in the local park… the opportunities are endless.

Miffy knows that one of the best things about volunteering is that it brings people together through a love of helping others. It’s an easy way to meet other kind, caring people whilst doing your bit for the community!

Do small acts of kindness

If you’re not sure how to approach someone you want to be friends with, offer to do a kind favour for them!

If you’re at school, you could help with a math problem, or help them with their painting in art class. You could bring cupcakes in for them to brighten their morning. Miffy reminds you that one small act of kindness always sparks another, so don’t be afraid to be kind!


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