Planting Winter Pansies

When Miffy found out you could plant pansies in autumn to let them grow over the winter, she was so excited! She really misses tending to her flowers in the colder months, but planting winter pansies means she still can – she’s done lots of research on how to plant and care for them to help you when planting yours. Read her guide below:

  1. Firstly, you must plant winter pansies in early autumn, when the soil is still quite warm. This gives them the best chance of growing when it gets cold!
  2. While too much heat is a bad thing for winter pansies, they do need plenty of sunshine – Miffy says that a sunny garden spot is ideal.
  3. The bulbs should be placed 15 cm apart – bear in mind that they will grow to a height of 15 to 25 cm!
  4. Dig a little hole for each plant with a trowel, deep enough to comfortably fit the bulb without bending the roots.
  5. Pop the bulb in the hole and fill it back in, keeping the base of the stem at the soil level.
  6. Water regularly – Miffy’s favourite part!
  7. Once the shoots appear, keep the soil moist and add mulch to stop them freezing. Brrrrrr.

Miffy will be patient with her pansies – she knows they may not grow very big in their first winter, but it will all be worth it when the flowers bloom in the new year. If you stick to her guide, remembering to let them have plenty of sunshine and watering often, they should be bright and beautiful too!


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