Gifts for Adults  

Miffy has put together the perfect Christmas list; a selection of show stoppers, timeless merch, and unforgettable pieces. A handpicked list of goodies for your wish list, or to surprise those you love. Read on to find her favourite gifts for adults this year. 

Mega Corduroy Miffy 

Are you a BIG fan of Christmas? Then celebrate with this mega Miffy! A snuggly companion to cosy up to watch Christmas films with, rest your head on after eating too much food, and take pictures with in your Christmas hat… and to be your best friend forever after. Available in pink or white.  

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Miffy x Baccarat 

Miffy in her most glamourous form, the Miffy x Baccarat is a show-stopper that is a must-have for all those wishing to have something of Miffy’s that’s extra special to hold on to. A shining star this season. Miffy is made from crystal and her features are adorned with hand-gilded 20-carat gold. 

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Miffy Limited Edition 65th Anniversary print  

Miffy has seen over 60 Christmases, and she wants to make yours extra special this year with this limited edition 65th anniversary print. Only 65 were created, and only 21 are left to buy! So this gift is sure to make someone’s Christmas Day extra special.  

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Miffy Liberty Soft Toy in Wiltshire Bud  

A rose of a gift noted as a ‘wonderful heirloom’ by Liberty London and noted by Miffy as one of the cutest Christmas gifts this year. The Wiltshire Bud design is timeless and sure to bring Christmas cheer to anyone that receives it on the big day. 

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 Rainbow T-shirt 

This bold rainbow tee is the perfect gift for Miffy fans who want to wear their love for the iconic character on their chest!  

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Liberty Miffy Glass Tree Ornament 

This is a gift that won’t just make it pass the first Christmas, but will hang on the tree for many more to come; it will soon be part of your family tradition. 

Buy it here –  


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