Miffy goes back to school

miffy going to school

It’s time to start thinking about the new school year! We’ve put together a list of our favourite back-to-school products so Miffy can be the perfect companion on your child’s first day.

  1. Miffy’s First Day book

Miffy's First Day Sticker Book, £7, miffyshop.co.uk

‘Miffy’s first day’ is a perfect way to help your child prepare for their first day of school. The sticker-story book includes over 30 stickers to decorate the illustrations and allows children to join Miffy on her first day at school where she makes new friends and has lots of fun. ‘miffy’s first day’ is available for £6.99, HERE.


  1. Miffy Personalised Lunchbox


Never muddle up lunches with your friends with these sweet personalised lunch boxes. Miffy will keep your sandwiches safe until it’s time to eat, and there’s no mistaking who they belong to! There are many designs to choose from and each one comes with the opportunity to make it your own. Browse Miffy lunchboxes, priced £15, HERE.


  1. Miffy Notebook


Miffy has all sorts of notebooks to keep your ideas in! Starting at £4, they are a great little addition to the school bag. Find your favourite design HERE.


  1. Miffy Bookmark


Use Miffy’s bookmark to save your space in your new reading book! For only £1 each you can choose from six adorable designs. Find your favourite HERE.

Or, if you’re feeling creative while it’s raining outside, have a go at making your own. You can find a tutorial HERE.


  1. Miffy Backpack


Keep all your new school kit in this Miffy backpack. Perfect for little shoulders on a big day, children can take their favourite character with them as they embark on an exciting first day. Available in two of Miffy’s favourite colours for £15, you can find the Miffy backpacks HERE.


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