Learning Your Numbers

Miffy and her friends love learning new things at school. Some children can take a bit longer to pick things up and Learning numbers in particular can be tricky – teaching little ones their numbers from an earlier age can be an extra help in the classroom.

Here are some of Miffy’s top tips to help little ones with their numbers:

Play a number related board game. Simple games like Connect 4 or Snakes and Ladders are fun games for everyone, meaning the whole family can get involved. Turning counting into a game will make learning numbers much easier for your little one!

Print out number colouring pages. Colouring is fun creative activity for any age, so as your child colours in different areas ask them to read out the numbers. Alternatively, print out dot-to-dot activities and get them to say each number out loud as they connect the dots.

Counting items in the house. Next time you’re doing the laundry, ask your child to help you pair and count the socks that come out of the washing machine. An extra hand with the laundry is always helpful too!

Wall art. Having some fun decorations on bedroom walls is a great way to get little ones used to seeing and using numbers in an everyday setting. This sweet IXXI wall print will help them remember their numbers using cute Miffy images, plus brighten up their room!

Numbers on the move. When you’re out and about with your child, point out house numbers or car number plates and ask them to read out what numbers they can see!

Talk about the time. Reading the time on a clock can be a challenge for little ones to grasp, but practice really does make perfect. Ask them to read the time out to you during the day, making it fun by getting them to count ‘how many sleeps’ until a day out with the family or a sleepover with friends. Why not get a sweet Miffy clock to make telling the time even more fun?

With these tips, your child will be on their way to learning their 1, 2, 3s in no time!


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