Miffy’s Summer Must Haves

Summer is Miffy’s favourite season; she spends all year looking forward to beach days, family holidays and exploring the great outdoors! To make sure you get an amazing summer too, Miffy’s put together a list of her favourite summer products.

Personalised Tote Bag

Let’s find a beach bag to match your summer outfits! This tote bag can carry all your beach day necessities and can even be personalised to feature your name.

Buy it here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/products/miffy-personalised-tote-bag-stripe

Happy Camper Organic Tee

This lightweight, organic tee is perfect for keeping you cool during your adventurous summer camping trips. Whether you’re enjoying the wildlife or struggling to put up your tent, this versatile t-shirt is the perfect attire.

Shop here – https://www.truffleshuffle.co.uk/product/34030/miffy-happy-camper-sage-organic-t-shirt

Dancing Miffy Enamel Mug

After spending the day embarking on sunny adventures, you’ll need some time to relax back at your camp. These adorable enamel mugs are perfect for enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate to bring your exciting day to a close.

Shop here – https://miffyshop.co.uk/products/miffy-dancing-enamel-mug

Miffy Cork Bottle Stopper

If you’re planning on hosting a summer get-together, this bottle stopper will keep your drinks tasting fresh and looking adorable! An essential in your summer bag, it’ll make transporting your unfinished beverages back from picnics easier than ever. Shop here – https://www.northlighthomestore.com/products/miffy-bottle-cork


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