It’s time to holiday with Miffy at Stayokay!

Like many of Miffy’s mega-fans, you’ve probably dreamt of a Miffy holiday – which is why she is so excited to tell you about the new Miffy hotel room at Stayokay Utrecht Centrum!

The Stayokay room is a fantastic way to experience Utrecht and celebrate Miffy. For those of you who don’t know, Utrecht is Miffy’s birthplace, which makes the Stayokay hostel a great location for visiting the Miffy museum – tickets to which will be included in your stay.

You can expect Miffy bed sheets, art, décor, and cute details like Miffy shower gel and shampoo, a full breakfast with Miffy plates and cutlery, and even a Miffy surprise for the children!

How amazing does that sound?

Pick from two different rooms, and a variety of dates here. Miffy will see you there!


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