Mother’s Day

It’s that time of the year that Miffy really loves, Mother’s Day!

A very important occasion that falls just before spring; which makes it the perfect day for spoiling Mother Bunny and showing her gratitude.

To help you find the perfect gift for your mum, Miffy has put together some of her favourite items from her shop. She’s selected a few floral items for her top list, but you can take a look at Miffy’s complete Mother’s Day collection here.

Miffy floral expression pink colour insert mug

Can you name a mum who doesn’t love tea or coffee in the morning? That’s why this Miffy floral mug has made it into Miffy’s top list. Miffy believes it is perfect for putting a smile on your mums face on Mother’s Day morning, and then every day after for as long as she has it. Miffy loves this design because for it’s abstract floral and bunny rabbit print.

Shop here –

Miffy floral expression teal edge to edge tote bag

If your mum is one of those mums in desperate need of a new handbag, look no further. Another essential piece from the Floral Expression collection; this Miffy tote bag is exactly what your mum may need to put all of her Mother’s Day goodies in, and then for sticking by her side day-in day-out as she travels. Miffy knows your mum will love this one!

Shop here –

Miffy bookmark gold

If your mum is an avid-reader this Miffy bookmark is a must have! Have you seen your mum folding the corners or using an old bit of paper to keep her place in her favourite book? The Miffy gold bookmark is an extra-special present, that she’ll love every time she opens up her favourite book.

Shop here –

Miffy floral expression teal a5 notepad

Made for a mum who loves to doodle, jot down, scribble and scribe; this notebook is proudly printed in the UK, and would make a perfect gift for a mum who’s constantly noting down important memos. Alternatively ,you may want to fill this notebook with messages, photos, drawings and memories, sure to give your mum a great big smile on Mother’s Day morning.

Shop here –


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